Real Time Text Alerts Help Prevent
Basement Flooding.

Homeowners can receive text alert messages for power outages
and high water conditions.

RIDGID plumbing experts offer homeowners the latest technology to help prevent basement flooding. Using M2M cellular text messaging, homeowners receive text alert messages letting them know there is a condition that needs their immediate attention. Powered by the Verizon Network, AdvanTEXT alarm, sump pump or sewage pump provides reliable notification, to any text-enabled mobile phone, anywhere in the world. AdvanTEXT uses SMS cellular technology, and does not require a landline, internet service, or home network to operate.

Floods are the #1 most common natural disaster in the United States. Over the past 5 years, the average paid flood insurance claim was more than $35,000. Power outages are on the rise, and if power is out, the AC sump or sewage pump is not operating. Homeowners who have experienced a flood know the clean up can be a massive effort, and must be done quickly, within the first 48 hours, to avoid mold. And a sewage overflow in the basement is not only unpleasant, but also something that must be quickly remedied to prevent a health hazard.


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M2M cellular technology allows the pump alarm to send a text message from your basement sump or sewage area to the cellular network, if it detects high water or power outage.

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